A list is a collection of providers that can be applied to new requests affecting how providers and broadcast and assigned.

A list is a collection of providers you select that can then be applied to your requests (preferred, restricted, last resort, or do not consider).

Lists can be applied automatically to new requests or manually on an as-needed basis.

Creating a list

When you create a new list you give it a name and add providers to it. For example, list such as: "my favorite people", "providers over six feet tall", "good for medical requests", or "uses too much perfume".

A list can either belong to either a requester (person) or a customer. A requester's personal lists can only be modified by that person (it belongs to them); however, a customer's list can be modified by any personnel with the correct permissions and by an partner who is granted permission to manage the customer.

Personal lists

As a requester you can manage your own personal lists and set request defaults for all your requests. These belong to you and can only be applied to the requests you have created.

To modify your own personal lists as a requester, visit: https://app.octoo.com/profile/applied-lists.

Customer lists

A customer can also have lists that are available for use by all the team members. If a list is applied as a request default then all new requests for that customer will be assigned those lists (regardless of which person made the request).

Not all team members can manage a customer's lists; they must have the correct permissions.

To manage your customer lists, visit: https://app.octoo.com/settings/applied-lists.

Applying a list

Once the list exists, you can either manually apply it to a request in the draft stage or have it automatically applied as a request default.

How lists impact broadcast and provider selection

A list can be applied to a request in four different ways all which effect the broadcast ordering.

  1. Preferred โ€” when applied as preferred these providers will be elevated to the top in our broadcast ordering. We will still contact other providers but these will get first dibs.

  2. Restricted โ€” when applied as restricted then only these providers will be broadcast. This will significantly reduce the ability for your partner to fill the request (depending on the list size). Other providers not on a restricted list will not be contacted.

  3. Last resort โ€” when applied as a last resort this will work in the opposite way as preferred: these providers will be moved to the bottom of our broadcast order and contacted last.

  4. Do not consider โ€” when applied as do not consider we will not contact or allow any of the providers on this list to be broadcast or see your requests effectively blocking them.

Adding to a request

When you are creating a new request you can manage which lists have been applied. Remember that your default lists (both customer-level and personal-level) are applied automatically; but you can always make changes before submitting the request.

Click on the details tab on the request page and scroll down to add or remove lists.

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