At the heart of Octoo is a unique broadcast system for contacting qualified providers for requests.

After a new request is made the Octoo application begins curating a list of considered providers for this request. Partners manage this initial list of considered providers themselves; however, the application will automatically rank, sort, and filter these providers based on multiple criteria.

These criteria include the requester's preferred lists for the requests, the preferred or required qualifications, both the provider and customer shared history, the relative distance (for on-site requests), the provider's expressed availability and conflicts with existing jobs, among other considerations.

All of this information is used to identify the most appropriate provider (who is available) for the request and to contact them first. Of course, partners have full control over the generated list and can make overriding decisions based on the myriad information points available to them (all filter information is visible).

Contacting providers

Generally speaking, the broadcast system does not send out large email blasts to everyone at the same time for the same request. The goal of the platform is to reduce the number of unneeded emails that are sent to providers in order to improve provider experience and engagement. We aim to contact the right provider at the right time for the right job and have them confirmed as quickly as possible.

Depending on how far the request is in the future, the platform will create one or more cycles that contact providers in intervals seeking their response. A provider will either decline the opportunity or express an interest and the system will move on to the next person (or group of people).

Responding to provider interest

After a provider has expressed interest the partner (or customer) will be notified and need to respond by either assigning the provider the job or declining their interest.

Partners are able to determine who will be responsible for making these decisions (either the partner themselves or the customer/requester) and how the decision will be made (either manually, automatically, or a hybrid approach).

By default, the partner will be responsible for responding to provider interest however it can be changed to the customer/requester as well as allowing for automatic responses from the platform.

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