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A customer is an entity on Octoo that is requesting and paying for services. Any user on the Octoo platform can establish a customer in order to request services. A customer does not have to be a business or an organization: an individual can be a customer too.
Once a customer has a partner they can can begin requesting services.


  • OWNER — A customer must have one (and only one) owner. This is the Octoo user who is ultimately responsible for managing the customer account. Ownership can be transferred; however, a customer must always have one owner at a time.
  • BILLING — A customer must also define one billing person. This can be the same person as the owner or someone else entirely. The billing person is the default contact person for bills received and the person a partner will contact if they have questions about the bill.
  • TEAM MEMBERS — A customer can invite other people to join their customer account as a team member. Each team member can be assigned different roles that specify what the member can and can't do (permissions). You can add or remove members at any time. You can edit your team members by visiting: