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Providers have their own settings to manage their account and relationships with partners.
Find provider-specific settings by clicking on your user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site and choosing: Account Settings. You can also visit:
Use the navigation links on the left to choose the section you are interested in.


Some of the provider preferences for the application apply on a per partner basis. If you visit your account settings page you will see all of your partners listed on the left hand side. Click on a partner to view your partner-specific qualifications, agreements, and payment information.
Example of account settings partner page for Acme Agency

On-site Locations

As a provider, there are two different types of locations our system relies on for on-site requests: departure locations and job radius. As a provider you need to have one of each defined. If you need to change an address, add the new location first before removing the old one.
You can update these by visiting:
A departure location establishes the place you are departing from for on-site requests. It is used when calculating your estimated mileage to and from requests. At least one departure location is required for providers. You can define more than one if you have multiple residences and our application will rely on the closed location to the request when calculating estimated mileage.
A job radius defines the area you would like to be notified about on-site requests. You can expand or narrow the radius of this area (and create different areas if a single circle doesn't encompass where you would like to travel to). If you are receiving jobs from locations that you do not want to travel to simply adjust this area of your preferences.


You can communicate your availability with the Octoo platform in two different ways: by defining either ongoing weekly availability or via specific away periods. Read more in the availability section.


Some types of notifications you can choose to opt-out of if you no longer wish to recieve emails. You can change those settings in this section.