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After a provider is assigned to an opportunity it becomes one of their jobs.
After a provider has expressed interest in an opportunity they are assigned to the job at the customer or partners discretion. When a provider is assigned they will receive a job confirmation email with details including team members names.
Providers can view their upcoming jobs (and job history) at:

Viewing your upcoming jobs

You can navigate to your upcoming jobs from you dashboard or by visiting the /jobs section. When navigating from your dashboard you will be have the filters initialized for you to show all your upcoming jobs.
Use filters to review all you job history
If you would just like to see this week's jobs, you can navigate to "My jobs this week"

Removing yourself from a job

If you can no longer provide services for a job you have been assigned you will need to initialize the job cancellation workflow.
Find the job you need to cancel through the /jobs section and select the three dots to the right to expose the contextual menu and choose "Cancel job".
From there, you will need to answer a few questions and your cancellation request will be submitted to your partner. Your partner will begin working on processing your cancellation and notifying the requester and your team of your absence.