Below is some of the terminology we use here at Octoo.

  • User - a user account reflects an individual with an email address and password (or Google Account) that can login and access the application. One user account can serve different purposes: they can be a provider, or a team member or owner of a customer, or a consumer of services. Regardless, one user has a single login via an email address.

  • Partner โ€” a partner is the organization that is responsible for the filling a customer's request with qualified providers and managing the agreements outlining how payment for these services will be provided. Linguabee is an example of a partner that is leveraging the Octoo system to manage thousands of requests every month across the United States. Partners subscribe to the Octoo platform in order to utilize its features to provide services. Please contact our care team if you are interested in joining Octoo as a partner.

  • Customer โ€” a customer is a business, organization, or individual who is requesting and paying for services provided. A customer can work with different partners and maintain their own application settings and presences in Octoo. It is free for customers to use the Octoo platform; customers only pay for the services provided based on the agreement they have with various partners. A customer can be a large organization or an individual. At a minimum they must define one owner but can have multiple team members (different users) with varied permissions and degrees of access.

  • Provider โ€” a provider is someone who is provides a service (e.g., sign language interpreting, spoken language interpreting, CART, or transcription services). Providers can work with different partners as well all on the same platform. It is free for providers to use the Octoo platform; providers are paid for services rendered based on the agreement they have with various partners. A single user can have multiple providers (e.g., a user could register as both a Deaf interpreter and a service support provider).

  • Agreement โ€” an agreement describes the rates and terms that a customer will pay for services and a provider will earn from services provided.

  • Request โ€” a request encapsulates the all the information for a particular event that requires services. It will have one (or more) scheduled date and time and specify one or more service providers needed for that request.

  • Broadcast โ€” a typical request will be broadcast to considered providers. The Octoo application takes into account multiple criteria for who to contact for a specific request. It considers the customer and requester's personal preferences, the qualifications needed for the request, the provider's availability for the specific date/time, the distance of the provider, the provider's feedback rating and responsiveness on the platform. Once the considered provider list is created and sorted we will reach out to providers individually to see if they are available and interested.

  • Opportunity โ€” we track a provider relationship to a job via their opportunity. After a provider is notified of a new opportunity, they can either decline opportunity or express an interest. If interested, the customer or partner be notified and can assign or decline the provider.

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