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Providers are paid after services are completed and confirmed.
After a job is comleted and services have been performed, providers need to take a few actions to receive timely payment.
  1. 1.
    Review and close the job by confirming start/end times and any incidentals
  2. 2.
    Confirm proforma invoices generated after first step one
  3. 3.
    Convert and attach proformas to an invoice
  4. 4.
    Receive payment
If Information about adding or changing a bank account is in the settings section.

1. Review and close

After the job is finished providers need to review and close the job by confirming the actual start and end times of the services provided as well as any allowed incidentals (such as mileage).
Providers will be notified by email automatically after the job's scheduled end time with a reminder to take this action. The email will also contain details about the expected timeframe for completing this task and requirements for any incidental billing.
Providers can also initiate this process at any time from the web application in the Review and Close tab at
Visit to see jobs that need to be reviewed
If the provider does not review the job within the time period set by the job's partner (as indicated in the email) the job will be automatically confirmed as-is.
If the job was cancelled (and billable) this step may be completed automatically and the provider can move on to confirming the proforma invoice.

Changing start and end times

When the job is being reviewed providers can report any changes to the start and end time they actually worked and report any incidentals that were accrued. For example:
Example job confirmation screen
Once everything looks correct, the Next button will confirm the job and generate a proforma invoice.


Occasionally, the partner may choose to audit a provider's time periods or incidentals. If this happens the provider will be notified immediately after submission that the confirmation is being held while auditing takes place. A partner team member will resolve the audit and generate the proforma invoice.

2. Confirm proforma invoices

Immediately after a job is confirmed (Step 1), and in the event that no audits were triggered, the provider will be able to immediately review the generated proforma invoice. A proforma invoice represents the actual billable quantities and rates based on the job confirmation and the agreement with the partner and customer.
If all the details were entered correctly and the expected agreement is in effect, all the numbers should add up correctly. After reviewing the totals, the provider can confirm them.
If there are any problems or questions about the amounts on the proforma invoice the provider will need to reach out to their partner to have it fixed before confirming.

3. Convert and attach

After a proforma invoice has been confirmed (either by the provider or automatically) it is eligible to be attached to an invoice.
During the confirmation process a provider can continue on to view the recently created and confirmed proforma invoices or see all eligible proforma invoices in the Unbilled tab on the page. This page allows a provider to combine multiple proformas into a single invoice if they choose.
In this example the provider has 11 proformas ready to be billed
Select the proformas to bill by using the checkboxes next to each item and choose "Convert to invoice" along the top bar.
11 proformas ready to be converted

4. Receive payment

After an invoice has been created by attaching unbilled proformas it will appear in the Billed section of