Notes are important tool partners can utilize to keep track of important information and share it with other members of their team.

Partners have the ability to attach notes to various records on the Octoo platform. For example, a note can be added to a request, invoice, agreement, customer, provider, or cancellation (just to name a few). Each supported record can have more than one note. Along with a message, the author and timestamp is also recorded.

Once a note has been created you can also clone or archive the note.

Notes have a few special features:

  • Pin: if you pin a note that note will stay at the top of the list of notes for a given record. This is useful for records with a lot of notes.

  • Share: you can choose to have a note shared with other related records. For example, if you wrote a note on a request you can have that note shared with all the invoices related to that request. This way you only have to write the note once and have it appear multiple places.

  • Tag: you can use tags in your note by prefixing them with a # hash. For example, #i-love-octoo.

  • Mention: you can mention another user or customer via their handle. For example, using @octoo would create a clickable connection to us!

  • Reference Code: you can also indicate a specific reference code by prefixing it with the ^ symbol. For example, if you included ^RQABC123 it would insert a link to that request.


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